• Cobra x Cho x Teeshrosa


    In ones line of work, inspiration comes from those that raise the bar. Individuals like these, burn bridges and light the way to those still wandering in darkness. One of these individuals is Dutch recording artist Cho, member of SloddervosGang, and recently signed with TopNotch music label. Cho is mostly known for his originality, and this is a main quality we seek to provide. For our first official lookbook, we collaborated with him, giving a spin to the ordinary lookbook “guidelines”. In order to complete the look, we also teamed up with Lateesha “teeshrosa” Peters. She is an aspiring model and original trend setter, gaining recognition in a fast pace. Finally photographers Eugene and Zafiera captured the lookbook in unique manner. As you can see, “originality” is a must. For more of their work, check out their instagram, and be inspired: @cho_nwa @teeshrosa @eugeneandzafiera.

  • Cobra X Adje

    collaboration 1
    In the summer of 2014 we teamed up with Dutch recording artist Adje, and designed custom made garments. Adje is an influential artist and leader of the SloddervosGang movement. When it comes to making music, the hard work, time and effort put into each of his records is awe inspiring. It serves you well to remember that a product, be it music, clothing, footwear, just name it, is appreciated if it reflects the result of genuine and sincere hard work.The pieces we made are in full accord with the brand image we strive towards, namely creating and collaborating with quality and detail driven individuals. This collaboration resulted in the fall/winter 2014 pack of shortsleeved garments. See the full collection of pictures in our blog.

  • Cobra for Toddlers

    collaboration 2

    You don’t come accross toddlers with high end inspired garments every day. This is why we decided to team up with designer Yasmine, and expand a personal design made by Jason Fiawo. We redesigned the piece for Chanella van Bemmel, mother of two wonderful kids, and created a singular look. After posting these pictures on Tumblr, they generated over 3500 reblogs, a number not very likely for Dutch brands. This project reveals the appreciation that results from original work. See the full set of pictures in our blog.