Cobra Couture is an Amsterdam based label with a primary focus on creating a variety of authentic apparel. The brand was established in 2013 by designer Jason Fiawo, in order to initiate a philosophy of quality, detail and design. In accord with the distinctive traits of a cobra, we seek to elevate design into an artistic experience, spending a considerable amount of time, hard work and dedication on every piece. Our main drive is to create original, detailed products for original individuals. In doing this, we would rather have you understand our garments, than settle for a mindless purchase.

Our first collection consisted of a limited amount of footwear handmade in Portugal. These pieces were designed with a distinct type of mesh, and layering of grey leather and suede. In order to provide our customers with a complete sense of attire, we decided to build towards a full fledged look, giving the customer the choice of the garment. By doing this we seek to set ourselves apart from the regular footwear or clothing brand, and instead provide you with a full collection.

This fall/winter we provide you with a pack of three exclusive shortsleeve garments. The shirts are not made of regular cotton, but consist of a viscose mix, allowing it a heavy feel, and fabric of quality. The prelude of these pieces was designed and introduced to the public in the summer of 2014, and made available only for the artistic raw of Amsterdam. Now we introduce these shirts in three distinct fall/winter colors: black, darkgreen and white-brown.